If your business is seeking Business Tax Lien Loans or Business tax lien financing Endurance Investment Capital can help! 


There are affordable alternatives to Business Tax Lien Loans that Endurance Investment Capital Funding Sources can offer to your business!

Instead of a Business Tax Lien Loan or Tax Lien Financing you can sell a small portion of your businesses future revenue in exchange for Cash Now! And the Tax Liens won’t prevent it!

If your business has a state or federal tax lien and wants working capital through tax lien loans Endurance Investment Capital has several partner private funding institutions that can provide your business with funding (if it meets certain other criteria) even though the tax lien or liens are affecting both your business and personal credit to the point that traditional bank financing (a business tax lien loan) has become impossible.


Our funding sources understand that sometimes your business can get in to a predicament where it falls behind on taxes. Sometimes it even comes down to a choice of either paying taxes due or making payroll; which in many cases is a choice of either staying in or going out of business.


You may just need funding for working capital through tax lien loans, or you may be working with a professional who is trying to help you with an offer in compromise to be free of your tax lien(s) once and for all. Either way we may be able to help get you the funding you need through one of our funding sources revenue factoring programs (purchasing a small amount of your businesses future receivables or revenue in exchange for funding now).


So if your businesses growth is being hindered by a state or federal tax lien. Endurance Investment Capital has private funding sources that may be able to get your business the funding that it will need to get back on track again, through one of its private sources programs.


It does not matter if you have good or bad personal credit. As long as your business is financially healthy, one of our private funding sources may be able to provide your business with help in the form of working capital that your business can use for whatever purposes it needs to.


No matter what your business needs financing for right now, do not let a tax lien stand in the way of your businesses prosperity and growth.

Here is some important information about Endurance Investment Capital’s private funding sources Tax Lien Loans alternative funding programs.

Endurance Investment Capital funding sources judge the financial health of your small business based on its cash flow and not just on credit scores. Our in depth understanding of small businesses means that we can provide capital in as fast as 1 to 2 business days after approval with a 98% approval rate for qualified businesses.

Endurance Investment Capital private funding sources have provided over $1,000,000,000 to thousands of small businesses nationwide. Contact us today and see how a Endurance Investment Capital Tax Lien Loan alternative funding program can help your business.

About Endurance Investment Capital Lenders Tax Lien Loan Alternative Program Availablity

  • No Collateral is ever Required

  • Funding ranging from $5,000 – $1,000,000

  • No FICO Score Minimum

  • Manageable & affordable repayment terms

  • Funding in as fast as 1 to 2 business days after approval





*All funding program availability is subject to funding source approval.

* Neither Endurance Investment Capital nor any of its private funding sources are in any way suggesting or guaranteeing that by your business taking a tax lien loan alternative that your business will receive an offer in compromise (OIC) from any state or federal taxation institutions. Endurance Investment Capital is not a financial adviser and does not provide any advice on tax liens or other financial matters.

* No funding source or lender can loan your business or advance your business monies specifically to pay off a tax lien or liens. For the purposes of this the terms “Tax Lien Loan”, “Tax Lien Loans” and “Tax Lien Financing” are simply descriptive terms for being able to get working capital for your business despite your business having a tax lien or liens. The funding for a business with a tax lien or tax liens will come from the business factoring a small portion of its future receivables in exchange for working capital now.