BUSINESS TERM LOANS for 9% – 16% APR (2 to 3 Years)


BUSINESS TERM LOAN CRITERIA: If your business is over 1 year old, and shows a profit or break even on at least one of the 2 last tax returns and shows profit and growth on the current P & L and balance sheet, and if it meets all necessary underwriting criteria, including:


  1. In business over 3 years

  2. All owner’s credit scores on all 3 bureaus are over 650 (preferably 700)

  3. Business has at least 2 open trade lines that report to the credit bureaus in good standing

  4. Bank statements show minimum number of insufficient funds (less than 2 per month)

  5. Bank statements show average daily balances of over  $5000 for the last 6 months

  6. Bank statements show  few negative ending daily balances within the last 6 months

  7. Bank statements showing over $100,000 per month in deposits for the last 6 months

  8. No bankruptcies personal or business ever

  9. Last business tax return shows a gross annual revenue of at least $1,000,000

  10. One of the last 2 business tax returns shows even a small profit or break even.

  11. Interim P & L shows a profit or break even (very small loss acceptable in some cases)


Then your business may be eligible for a true interest rate business term loan with rates between 9% and 16% for a term of 2 to 3 years with no prepayment penalty. after half of the term is complete. This can be completed (application to funding) in about 2 weeks.


NOTE: If any of the factors mentioned above are not present, or if our private lenders feel your business is not profitable enough, or too high of a risk, then your business will not qualify.

NOTE: Endurance Investment Capital charges a post funding fee for all of its services. These fees vary by type of service and funding amount and will only be charged if a loan or funding product is approved by the business owner(s) and finalized. In other words, you pay nothing upfront for our services.

To see if your business qualifies call us today for a free consultation at (708) 890-5356.  Or: go to Fill out the contact fields on the right side of the page and with one click at the bottom you are on your way to getting your businesses financial needs met.


NOTE: All loans and financing are subject to lender approval. Endurance Investment Capital makes no guarantees either written or implied that it will secure funding for your business. Your business must meet the criteria and be approved by at least one of our network or affiliate lenders or funding sources. We have a high success rate because we know what can fund and what will not.