Get Your Business Out Of The Cash Advance Cycle


Reasons for a Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation


1. Your Daily and/or weekly ACH Re-payments are causing cash flow stress

Chances are that if you have several cash advance balances that it is causing your businesses cash flow to be restricted in such a way that it may be hindering growth or even causing your business to need more monies than it is generating through sales or contracts, just to stay afloat.


2. You need more working capital and can’t afford another cash advance

Your business may need more working capital now to expand or because of a temporary slowdown or for any number of reasons. And the cash advance or advances that it already has only seem to leave one option open, and that is taking out another advance or renewing an existing one. And you are probably receiving phone calls and emails just about every day that encourage you to take your business even deeper in to this vicious cycle.


3. Your cash advances are causing your business to lose money and not show profitability

Chances are that if you have any cash advance balances that they are causing your business to operate in the red, which would hinder most traditional financing opportunities for a long time to come; even after the cash advances are paid off.


 Here is the good news. If you qualify for one of our cash advance consolidation loan programs your cash advance balances will be paid off, your daily and/or weekly ACH nightmares will be over, and you may be able to get a significant amount or working capital in the process, all while ending up with a monthly payment that will take up far less of your cash flow than your cash advance payments were. This is because these are lower rate funding products than the cash advances.

A  cash advance consolidation loan from one of our sub-prime lenders actually only costs about 2.5 (two and a half percent) per month or less for the money if not paid back early, and the payments are made monthly.


Typical Example: Borrow $150,000 for 18 months and pay back approximately $210,000 at approximately $11,600 per month. If you had owed that $150,000 in 3 or more advances it might be costing you $40,000 per month or more.

So in the end you:


1. Free up cash flow – lowering your businesses total monthly debt payout

2. Get out of the stress of daily/weekly payments

3. Possibly end up with more working capital for your business in the process


Does that sound like a win, win situation?


What are the qualifications for a Cash Advance Consolidation?


Each of our cash advance consolidation lenders has their own underwriting criteria.


At a minimum you need to be over one year in business, have over a 550 personal credit score, and you need to have no bankruptcies, tax liens, foreclosures or open judgments.

You can call us or email us for the full criteria for each type of cash advance consolidation loan. We will be happy to provide you with that information.


There are no upfront fees for our services either. We charge a reasonable performance based consulting fee that comes out AFTER your balances are paid off and you are funded and set in your new more affordable payment program.


If you think that you may qualify for a cash advance consolidation then what are you waiting for?

Call us today at (708) 890-5356 Jill Russell






If you have multiple daily ACH payments or daily credit card re-payments from a merchant cash advance or revenue based loan/factoring agreement(s) there may be a way up and out of the daily payment cycle in to a monthly payment, depending upon your personal credit and the overall health and solvency of your business. We have been able to get our clients out of situations with up to 8 daily ACH payments in to monthly payments, freeing up a significant amount of their businesses cash flow. Contact us now and learn more.